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Activities Do you have a activity(s) that you want to go to? Or do you have scheduled activities that you need and want to go to? Swimming, Karate, Walk, Day Programs. Our staff at MD home support will pick you up, participate if needed and then bring you back home.​ 

Appointments: Do you often dread or forget about making or having to make appointments, whether Doctor visits or other errands, because it is such a hassle, from getting ready to transportation issues to get there.

Do you sometimes forget to keep your appointment due to age, forgetfulness, dementia or the early onset of Alzheimer symptoms? MD home support caring team members can help you stay on track with such things as Doctor appointments, errands or even just daily routines.

Shopping: Do you want to go shopping but you don't want to go by yourself? Do you have a shopping list and want someone else to shop for you? MD home support can assist you with personal shopping we will pick you up from your home assist you with shopping and bring you back home and put away your groceries, while you are having companionship. Do you want to make up a shopping list and have MD home care shop for you? One of our staff will come to your place pick up your shopping list and do your shopping for you and bring you your shopping back to your home.

Transportation: Do you want to go somewhere and have no transportation? Call MD home support and we will pick you up and bring you there, plus we will also bring you back home.

Travel: Do you want to travel and have no one to go with? Do you want to travel and visit family? Or would you like a holiday and enjoy life? Call MD home support all of our staff have passports and are willing to travel.  

Doctor Apt: We will pick up our client at their home and accompany them to their Doctor's appointment. We will go into the Doctor's with them and take notes, ask questions for our client. We will bring our client back home and email, or call the family member about the appointment.

Home Support and Home Care in your own home

Bathing: Are you in fear of falling, or slipping in the shower? Is your personal hygiene looking your best? Our staff at MD home support will help with bathing you so you will feel safe and secure, while offering dignity and respect. We also recommend safety hand bars in the shower and tub. This way you will have less accidents and fewer fractures, and feel comfortable in the shower.

Companionship: Would you like a little company every now and then? Companionship is a very important part of human interaction, at any age. Some people feel extreme depression, isolation, or loneliness. If you feel or know someone like this MD home support staff can schedule a visit on regular basis that may be exactly what you may need. From just a sit down visit, a drive, going to church or a walk with your walker or wheelchair if you have one just to get you out of the house. We also offer companship and look after your loved ones while you are on vacations long and short stays.

Dressing: Do you find it difficult getting dressed? MD home support really care about our clients. Our clients realize that he and she are extremely important to us and we love visiting with them and assisting them in choosing and outfit for the day, finding your favorite clothes and helping you put them on. We take the struggle out of what once was a simple daily task.

Housekeeping: Do you struggle and get exhausted on trying to tidy your home? Seniors love staying in their own home is wonderful. If you require a little extra help in order to do so is sometimes necessary. If this is the only help you need, MD home support will be happy to assist you on housekeeping days. We will vacuum, wash floors, bathtubs, and toilets, as well as any other light housekeeping you may require.

Laundry: Do you struggle with laundry basket, ironing, and making your bed. Our staff at MD home support will help with laundry in our client's home, or bring items to the cleaners and pick them up when they are ready. Our laundry days are schedule with you so you can have a win-win situation, while MD home support staff are doing the laundry you are also receiving companionship on regular visits by one of our staff.

Meal Preparation: Our MD home support staff will ensure that you are not only eat at set times, but we will prepare healthy meals for you. We will even clean up after, just to make things nice and easy for you while we are providing companionship.

Medicine Reminders: Are you at risk of taking the wrong medication at the wrong time, wrong dose or did you forget about taking your medication? MD home support aids our clients with their medication by ensuring that they are taking the right medication at the right time, and the right dose. We also keep track of pills not taken and report back to their families and doctors.

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